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  • Bayshore Elementary School District, CA - 2021 - $11,000 Racial Equity Leadership Team Institute Download
  • Palo Alto Unified School District, CA - 2019 - $32,473.13 Dismantling White Supremacy Culture in Schools Workshop Download
  • Alameda Unified School District, CA - 2020 - $320 Virtual Workshop: Dismantling White Supremacy Culture Download

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What is Truss Leadership?

On Feb. 16, 2018, was purchased as a domain. On March 9, 2019, was purchased, and the URL hyperlinks to There are no registrations with the California Secretary of State for Truss Leadership, Joe Truss or Culturally Responsive Leadership.

What services does Truss Leadership provide?

Truss Leadership provides a series of services, including:

  • “Foundational Virtual Workshop – Dismantling White Supremacy Culture in Schools”
  • “Welcome to Culturally Responsive Leadership!”
  • “Antiracist Project Based Learning Workshop”

What K-12 work has Truss Leadership done?

According to its website, Culturally Responsive Leadership has done work in dozens of school districts and schools around the country.


Alameda Unified School District


In 2020, Alameda Unified School District paid Truss Leadership $320 for a virtual workshop, titled, “Dismantling White Supremacy Culture.”

Bayshore Elementary School District


In 2021, Bayshore Elementary School District paid Truss Leadership $11,000 for its “Racial Equity Leadership Team Institute.”

Palo Alto Unified School District

Purchase Order

In October 2019, Joseph Truss, founder of Truss leadership, delivered a one-day workshop in Palo Alto Unified School District in Northern California, getting paid $32,473.13 by the school district for the work.