Writing an Opt-Out Letter to Your Child’s Private School


Opting out means formally letting your child’s school know what you don’t want your child to participate in while they are at school.

Sex ed/health instruction is the most common subject that parents choose to opt their child out of. Many parents also choose to opt their child out of student surveys due to concerns about data collection and privacy.

But it is reasonable to ask to be notified and to have the option to opt your child out of anything that you feel violates your child’s human dignity or your parental rights, including surveys, lessons, readings, classroom presentations, activities, and policies.

If you would like to opt your child out, find out if your child’s school uses an opt-out form. If not, you can make an opt-out request by writing a letter to your child’s school. 

Writing an opt-out letter to your child’s school clearly communicates your intention to partner with the school to protect your child. Before writing the letter, consult your school’s enrollment contract regarding expectations of parent behavior and parental partnership.

The letter should be addressed to the head of school, explain your reason for writing, and specify what you would like to be notified about and have the opportunity to opt out of. Explain that you would like to work collaboratively with the school to protect your child and ask for written acknowledgement of your request.

If you don’t receive a positive response to your opt-out request, continue to ask questions! As a parent, you are the primary advocate for your child.

Here’s an example of an effective opt-out letter that could be sent to your child’s school: