Questions to Ask Your School about Gender Ideology and Gender Policy


Gender Ideology & Gender Policies

  1. Do you teach students that biological sex is binary?
  2. Do you use terms like, “sex assigned at birth” or teach students that doctors and parents assign or guess a baby’s gender?
  3. Are students allowed to use any restroom or locker room they want if they say it aligns with their gender identity? 
  4. Are sleeping arrangements on overnight field trips for students and staff determined by biological sex or gender identity and if it’s the latter, are parents notified of this when their children will be spending the night in a room with someone of the opposite sex? 
  5. Are elementary school students being taught about gender and gender identity? If so, in what grades?
  6. Are students being asked to provide their pronouns by teachers and if so, in what grades? Are they required to answer? 
  7. Does the school or school or district website provide resources to help minors access medical interventions including puberty blockers, cross sex hormones or surgical breast/genital removal?
  8. Are breast binders provided to students or does the school or district provide resources on how to obtain them?

Gender Support Plans

  1. What is the school/district’s Gender Support Plan?
  2. Is it your policy to withhold information from parents/guardians about a student’s gender transition?
  3. Do you immediately affirm students’ gender identity (new name, new pronouns, new restrooms) and if so, is that ever done without the knowledge of their parents?
  4. Do you change students’ name, gender on official school records and if so, are parents notified of the changes?
  5. Is there ever a time you are using one name for a student internally and a different name when corresponding with their parents?
  6. Are Gender Support Plans developed together with parents?
  7. Who creates the Gender Support Plan? Who implements the Gender Support Plan?
  8. How involved is the school psychologist with regards to student evaluation, plan creation and oversight?
  9. What criteria is used to determine if a gender support plan is necessary?
  10. Are the parents included in this process from the beginning?
  11. How do I opt out of having the school create a gender support plan for my child?