West Hartford elementary school hosts Gender 101, a training on gender and sexuality


The May 2021 Bugbee Elementary School Newsletter contained an ad encouraging parents and students to attend a virtual training event entitled, “Gender 101 – A virtual training for parents on gender, sexuality and how to talk to your children about it.” 

The event was facilitated by the New Haven Pride Center—the instructor from the New Haven Pride Center was Eliot Olson, the Transgender, Nonbinary, and Intersex Program Officer at New Haven Pride Center. Their website contains his biography. It states, in part, that he “creates trans, nonbinary, and intersex advocacy programming.”

According to several parents who chose to attend, the instructor stated that “gender is malleable” and “sex is assigned but ultimately is determined by the individual.” The New Haven Pride Center conducted a follow-up virtual training session promoted by the school.

Here are a few slides from the presentation (the entire slide deck can be downloaded at the top of this post just under the headline):

The slide above appears to be missing a word at the end.
Notice they do not use the words girl and boy or male and female.