Derry Township School District has a policy to hide gender identity of students from parents


Derry Township School District in Hershey, PA, has a gender policy that requires teachers to hide student gender identities from parents. 

The policy states:

All persons, including students, have a right to privacy. This includes keeping a student’s actual or perceived gender identity and expression private. Therefore, school personnel should not disclose information about a GET student’s gender identity and expression to others, including the student’s parents/guardians and/or other school personnel.

The policy also says that students must be addressed by the name and pronouns that correspond to their gender identity, even without parent or guardian permission.

In addition, the policy states that the District will incorporate “GET issues into curricula, as appropriate for varying grade spans” and that the District will make an effort “to ensure school computers are free of filtering software that blocks information about LGBTQ people, history, rights and organizations.”

Read the full policy below: