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  • Delaware Department of Education, DE - 2016 - $419,900 for Credentialing System Download
  • Delaware Department of Education, DE - 2016 - $82,250 Reduction of Contract Payment for Credentialing System Download
  • Delaware Department of Education, DE - 2019 - $22,400 for Assessment Platform Download
  • Avonworth School District, PA - May 18, 2021 - $19,500 for 'Equity Audit' Download

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What is the Insight Education Group Inc.?

On Nov. 27, 2002, Michael Moody registered Insight Education Group Inc., based in Encino, California, as a corporation with the California Secretary of State. The firm claims to impact of 250,000 educators and four million students in more than 20 states and the District of Columbia. 

Its “core values” include “equity as the driving force behind all of our decisions, including: “hiring diverse professionals, empowering teachers and school leaders, creating tools and culturally responsive resources, and participating in and facilitating conversations around bias, prejudice, and race.” The company notes: “We will forever be champions of equity.”  

The chief executive officer and cofounder is Jason Stricker.

What services does Insight Education Group Inc. offer?

The company says its leaders believe that “education empowers individuals to disrupt the impact of systemic racism,” hire “diverse, race-conscious educators who engage in intentional, ongoing development of self, rooted in the tenets of anti-racism,” and work to “strategically dismantle practices that perpetuate structural racism.”  

The company provides a “sample equity audit” to school districts that captures the work that it does.

What K-12 work has the Insight Education Group Inc. done? 

In a May 18, 2021, proposal to Avonworth School District in Pennsylvania, Insight Education Group Inc. include a list of school districts, states, government and education organizations where it has worked.


Insight Education Group says on its website that it had 14 projects funded by the Teacher and School Leader Incentive Program Grant from the U.S. Department of Education in 2017, Empowering Educators to Excel, or “E3.” It calls the work an “exciting partnership bringing much-needed support and growth opportunities for teachers and school leaders in 47 relatively small and/or rural schools in Delaware, Indiana, South Carolina, and Texas by creating a networked improvement community.”

Participating districts include:


Delaware Department of Education 

In 2016, the Delaware Department of Education signed a contract with Insight Education Group Inc. to pay the consulting group $419,900 for a “credentialing system.”

With an amendment in 2017 reducing the initial cost by $8,250, the final total was $411,650.

In 2019, the Delaware Department of Education paid the consulting firm $22,400 for an “assessment platform.”


Avanworth School District

In a May 18, 2021, proposal to Avonworth School District, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Insight Education Group Inc. said it could do an “equity audit” for $19,500.

According to meeting minutes from June 14, 2021, published on the school district’s website, and uploaded to Parents Defending Education’s website below, the school district approved the contract.