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  • Corbin Independent Schools, KY - 2018 - $1,500 for School Program Download
  • Corbin Independent Schools, KY - 2018 - $1,500 for School Program Download

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Who is Hasan Davis?

On Feb. 6, 2019, Hasan Davis registered a business, Hasan Davis Solutions LLC, based in Paint Lick, Kentucky, with the Kentucky Secretary of State. He says he provides motivational speaking, keynote speaking, training and consulting services to organizations, leaders, teachers, K-12 schools and higher-ed.

On his website, he writes: “For more than 25 years, Hasan has held to the belief that each child can and will succeed as long as adults in their world create hope. Starting as a counselor and a teaching artist, and through his years as a youth development specialist, Hasan has transformed the attitudes and strategies of school and facility staff, parents, and members of the community to help hundreds of children graduate from high school and go on to earn degrees from colleges and universities.

In addition to his work at schools, Hasan has been Commissioner of Juvenile Justice for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Vice Chair of the Federal Advisory Committee on Juvenile Justice and an organizational consultant. He says he has transformed organizations and public systems to ensure they have the capacity to not only meet the needs of the children and families they serve, but also are transparent and set metrics and methods of accountability.

What services does Hasan Davis offer?

As he states on his website: “He brings to the process a powerful combination of passion, caring, and leadership to craft a refreshing, common-sense roadmap to help all youth achieve their dreams, no matter the odds.