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What is EduSigner LLC?

EduSigner LLC is a company, based in Kansas City, Missouri, founded by chief executive officer Ashley Nicole Smith.

On her website, Smith wrote that “my superpower is seeing opportunities even in the midst of struggle.” She continued: “My alias is The Strugglish Superhero (based on my research).” 

In a proposal to Kansas City Public Schools, Smith wrote that company staffers “believe in a world where educational spaces are places of healing to liberate the gifts locked inside each individual….”

In her bio, Smith wrote: “My ultimate goal is to create spaces for institutional healing by focusing on individual healing.”

What services does EduSigner LLC provide?

On a website page with the URL address “,” EduSigner promotes its business with this message: “Start where you are with…Choosing to be W.O.K.E. Strategies to South the Alarm so You Don’t Stay Asleep.”

The link leads to a document that asks respondents to answer questions about themselves including “LGBTQQIP2SAA+” as a choice for “Gender/Sex.”

What K-12 work has EduSigner LLC done?


In December 2020, AASA, the School Superintendent Association, posted a video on its YouTube channel that featured efforts at Kansas City Public Schools to “advance equity.”

Kansas City Public Schools

On July 15, 2021, Ashley Smith and EduSigner LLC, signed a contract with West Park Elementary School in Kansas City Public Schools in Kansas City, Missouri, with a payment schedule of $2,000 per day for a total of $12,000 to create “Culturally Responsive Classrooms.”

The contract includes six “In-Person Professional Development Experiences,” from Aug. 9, 2021, through Feb. 24, 2022.

Goal 1 was identified as: “We will create safe, respectful, and culturally responsive classrooms that will allow authentic connections between staff and students.”

Goal 2 was: “We will make data-driven decisions as we strengthen culturally responsive practices using feedback from our community as we develop the possibilities for problems facing our focus groups.”

The contract identified an outcome: “We will have a concrete plan (Culturally Responsive Classroom Strategic Plan) for creating a more culturally responsive & equitable environment within our roles and responsibilities. This plan will include action items that will be monitored by PLCs and the building leadership team.”