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  • Sarasota County Schools, FL - 2020 -$115,000 for Cancelled Plan for Culturally Responsive and Linguistically Responsive Professional Development Download

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What is Culturally Responsive?

On Jan. 6, 2004, Janis Paxton registered a business, The Center for Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning, Inc., with the California Secretary of State. According to the California Secretary of State business registration, the headquarters is in Marina Del Rey, California, with Sharroky D. Hollie as the chief executive officer, Imani Hollie as the secretary, Marva Cappello as the chief financial officer and Annie Lu as the agent for the service of process. 

“We focus on pedagogy and not content,” he said.

What K-12 work has Culturally Responsive done?

Sarasota County Schools, Florida

On Aug. 26, 2020, Sarasota County Schools in Florida had Hollie deliver “cultural sensitivity” training to faculty. On Aug. 30, 

On Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2021, Superintendent Asplen canceled the $115,000 contract from the School Board’s consent agenda. 


Edina School District, Minnesota

On March 3, 2016, Sharroky Hollie spoke to parents, staff and community members in the Edina Performing Arts Center at Edina High School in Edina School District, Minnesota.

The school district and the City of Edina sponsored the talk, titled, “Creating a Culturally Responsive Community.”

The advertisement read: “Engage in an opportunity to learn and discuss how our community can become more racially and culturally responsive to all families.”

The promotion described Hollie as executive director of the “Center for Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning in California.”