8th Circuit Court Rules in Favor of PDE in Linn-Mar Community School District Lawsuit; Upholds Students’ Right to Freedom of Speech on Gender Ideology

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Parents Defending Education (PDE) has just prevailed in Parents Defending Education v. Linn-Mar Community School District et al; the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit remanded with directions to grant a preliminary injunction against enforcement of the portion of the policy prohibiting an intentional or persistent refusal “to respect a student’s gender identity.”

Read the full preliminary injunction order here.

Quote from Nicole Neily, President and Founder of Parents Defending Education:

“We are gratified that the Eighth Circuit upheld the rights of families and students in Linn-Mar. It is never acceptable to prohibit speech with vague terms that allow arbitrary enforcement, especially when compelled student speech is at stake, and this sends a clear message to other districts across the country with similar bullying and harassment policies on the books. The Eighth Circuit also made clear that Linn-Mar’s parental exclusion policies are now unlawful throughout the State of Iowa. Yet these policies remain on the books in far too many districts across the country. Parental exclusion policies are a loser in the court of public opinion – and I have no doubt that they will eventually be struck down in the court of law as well.”