Parents’ Choice Tennessee, Franklin, Tennessee

  • Tennessee

Parents’ Choice Tennessee is a Franklin, Tennessee-based parent advocacy group. The organization’s mission states: “Parents’ Choice Tennessee exists to advocate for parents who believe they should…

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Sacramento School Districts Unite, Sacramento, California

  • California

Sacramento School Districts Unite is a parent advocacy group based in Sacramento, California. The organization’s mission states: “Our mission is to revive America first, public education…

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Great Schools Initiative, Michigan

  • Michigan

Great Schools Inititative, Michigan is a group of concerned parents and community members throughout the state of Michigan. The organization’s mission states: “The State of Michigan has…

Parent Organizations

St. Vrain Awareness Alliance, Firestone, Colorado

  • Colorado

St. Vrain Awareness Alliance is a community group centered around the St. Vrain School District in Fireston,e Colorado. The group’s mission states: I. We believe our schools…

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