Parents United America, Parker, Colorado

Parent Organizations

Parents United America is a parental rights organization serving Colorado families.

The organization’s mission states:

“At Parents United America, we are dedicated to connecting parents across Colorado and the nation to essential solutions, resources, and information while fostering a strong community of support and solidarity. As parents, we stand united in our unwavering commitment to our fundamental rights to raise, guide, and advocate for our children.

We believe that our children do not belong to the government, schools, or society, but to us—their first teachers and greatest champions. We cherish the unique bond we share with our children, from comforting them during difficult times to celebrating their milestones. Our love, care, and understanding surpass that of any institution or individual.

We are steadfast in our resolve to collaborate with those who recognize our inherent right to protect and nurture our children. However, we firmly oppose any attempt by institutions, officials, administrators, or cultural movements to undermine our pivotal role as parents.

In response to the alarming trend towards state guardianship, we are committed to:

-Amplifying the voice of parents to influence cultural norms
-Reclaiming parental authority over our children’s education and healthcare
-Standing united in school board meetings and legislative arenas
-Informing, connecting, and mobilizing our community
-Supporting allies who advocate for parental rights
-Holding accountable those who challenge our roles

Together, we will transform the cultural landscape to one that honors and respects the fundamental rights of parents to protect, guide, and advocate for their children. United, we will ensure a future where our children can thrive under our dedicated and loving care.”