West Valley School District 208 adopts new policy to help students transition to another gender while in school


On June 6, 2022, the School Board of West Valley School District 208 passed a policy titled “Gender-Inclusive Schools.” The policy states that a “student may initiate a conversation regarding their gender identity with any staff member, such as a school counselor.” The policy does not mention if a parent should be notified to start this process. The policy explains that the district will work with the student to:

  • Develop understanding of that student’s individual needs with respect to their gender expression or identity, including any accommodations that the student is requesting under this policy, procedures, and state and federal law.
  • Develop a shared understanding of the student’s day-to-day routine within the school so as to foster a relationship and help alleviate any apprehensions the student may have with regard to their attendance at school.
  • Document the student’s genuine and sincere declaration of gender identity and gender expression.

The policy further explains that “staff members will use the name and pronouns as requested by the student” and that “staff members will not knowingly or deliberately misuse the requested name and pronouns.” The school district will allow students “to use the restroom that corresponds to the gender identity they have declared to the school administration.” The district will also allow students “to use the locker room that corresponds to the gender identity they have declared to the school administration.”

The school district will “designate one person to be the primary contact regarding this policy and procedure relating to gender identity.” This person “must participate in at least one mandatory training opportunity offered by” the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. The district will additionally “provide staff training, annually, in an effort to build the skills of all staff members to prevent, identify and respond to harassment, intimidation, bullying, and discrimination.”