West Orange Public Schools sells shirt promoting Pride month; hosts Pride events at elementary and middle schools


West Orange Public Schools has a message promoting Pride month on the district’s homepage that states “West Orange Pride.” The message links to a page of an LGBTQ-themed pride shirt that the school district is selling. The district’s homepage states that “100% of profits will go to the West Orange High School Student Council.” As of publication, the district has sold 196 pride shirts so far. The shirt’s product page states:

Recognize & celebrate PRIDE during the month of June and year-round with this powerful ‘West Orange Pride’ t-shirt. 100% of profits will go to the West Orange High School Student Council.

The school district promotes pride month on its homepage.
The school district is selling a shirt promoting pride month.

On June 12, 2023, the school district tweeted in support of Pride month and linked to a gallery showing children as young as toddlers participating in a pride month event.

The school district tweeted in support of pride month.

The school district also published an article titled “West Orange High School Kicks GSA Off Pride Month with District-Wide Flag Raising.” The district stated that “West Orange High School’s Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) helped kick off Pride month on June first with a ceremony and visits to all schools in the District that sprinkled Pride throughout the West Orange Public Schools.” The GSA was allowed to raise a pride flag at the entrance of West Orange High School before traveling “around the district to give every school the same Pride flag that was raised at WOHS.”

The district added that “every elementary and middle school was visited.” The district then explained: “At other schools, GSA members were greeted by school administrators, faculty, and student representatives who accepted the gift of the Pride flag on behalf of the student body.” The district further stated that “the day was a huge success that allowed schools throughout West Orange to show their acceptance and unity with the LGBTQ+ community.” The district also uploaded a video to YouTube promoting the events.

The school district published an article promoting pride month activities.