West Chester Area School District keeps gender identity of students secret from parents


On October 31, 2022, the Delaware Valley Journal reported that “West Chester Area School District Superintendent Bob Sokolowski admitted during the Oct. 25 school board meeting that the district does, in fact, teach children a gender-affirming curriculum.” The news outlet reported that the school district also keeps the gender identity of students a secret from parents. The Delaware Valley Journal explained:

[One person] spoke to the board about a document obtained through a right-to-know request showing the district does not necessarily tell parents if their child is using another gender at school than at home; rather, it depended on if the parent or guardian is supportive of the child’s seeking to change their gender.

The news outlet then reported that the superintendent defended the district’s actions. The superintendent stated:

One of the things I can share is those plans are very specific. They are very personalized. I can share with you that when I was the principal at Henderson High School, there was a student that was transitioning to a different gender and that was something this particular student was very uncomfortable sharing with one of her parents…We exclude those plans in the fullest protection of the students.

A resident also noted how a “right-to-know request had confirmed a teacher training at Fern Hill Elementary School in August, where teachers who taught children as young as kindergarteners were instructed on gender education.” Parents Defending Education also previously reported on the school district implementing gender ideology into the curriculum taught to students.

West Chester Area School District’s superintendent supports keeping the gender identity of students secret from parents.