Wauwatosa Teachers Sign Letter Calling Those Opposed to Controversial Sex Ed Curriculum “Bigoted, Queerphobic and Transphobic”


Wauwatosa School District in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is familiar with controversy. The most recent issue is that 53 public school teachers signed a letter calling those opposed to the district’s controversial and arguably age-inappropriate Human Growth and Development Curriculum “Bigoted, Queerphobic, and Transphobic.”

The letter, dated Aug. 22, 2022, includes statements such as:

“Critically, we write to affirm our unwavering support of all LGBTQIA+ students, staff, parents and caregivers, and community members in light of queerphobic and transphobic statements and disinformation that have been shared publicly and online,” suggesting that opposition to Wauwatosa school district’s new sex-ed curriculum is rooted in bigotry, rather than concern for children’s well-being.

The letter continues, “It is our responsibility to affirm, value, and empower our students. We ask that the board refuse to let discrimination, queerphobia, transphobia, and disinformation overpower the voices of our students who have stood in front of you and asked for your support through the adoption of this curriculum.” 

Reasonable people agree that parents and educators alike should “value and empower students.” But, the controversial new sex-ed curriculum references oral and anal sex which may be one reason why parents were concerned. 

6th Grade Lesson Google Doc Lesson, Wauwatosa School District Sexed Curriculum

Unfortunately, this is just one example of the Wauwatosa School District ignoring parent and community voices. 

In August 2022, the school board, led by School Board President Dr. Eric Jessop-Anger, distributed a survey to Wauwatosa School District residents to gauge their response to the then-proposed Human Growth and Development Curriculum. However, after receiving the results, the school district removed emails not already on school district lists, thereby manipulating the survey results. 


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