Vice President of the Denver Public Schools Board of Education promotes elementary students participating in LGBTQ projects; brags that board “allowed students to self-identify their gender without parental consent”


Auon’tai M. Anderson serves as the vice president of the Board of Education for Denver Public Schools. On March 10, 2023, he shared images on Twitter that appeared to be drawing assignments with Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ themes for elementary students within his district. One drawing features a drag queen with the phrase “LGBTQ+ Rights Activist.” Another drawing states “Black Lives Matter” with a rainbow-colored fist. An additional image appeared to promote the usage of preferred pronouns. He stated in his tweet:

I love Denver Public Schools. — This is amazing artwork from some of our elementary students! — Learning and celebrating Black women like Marsha P. Johnson, standing up for Black Lives Matter and learning pronouns!

Marsha P. Johnson was a biological male who participated as a drag queen. Transgender activists often identify Marsha P. Johnson as “transgender,” but the term “was not in wide use in Johnson’s lifetime,” according to The New York Times.

Auon’tai M. Anderson has a website with a page dedicated to his “platform.” One pillar of his platform on this page is labeled as “equity.” Under equity, he bragged that the Board of Education with him as a member “allowed students to self-identify their gender without parental consent.” He also claims to have “led the charge to ensure our unwavering commitment to Black Excellence and Black Lives Matter was etched into district policy to protect our educators and school communities.”

The board’s vice president bragged that he “allowed students to self-identify their gender without parental consent.”