Vare-Washington Elementary School promotes “Transgender Day of Visibility”; teaches students about transgender and LGBTQ issues


On March 22, 2024, the Vare-Washington Elementary School of the School District of Philadelphia promoted “Transgender Day of Visibility” on Facebook. The post appears to show elementary school staff holding signs stating “Let Trans Kids Bloom” and “Affirm Trans Kids.” The post also includes images of educators appearing to teach elementary students about transgender issues with LGBTQ symbolism. Transgender Day of Visibility officially takes place on March 31 this year, which is the same day as Easter. The school has not yet mentioned Easter in a Facebook post yet.

The elementary school promoted the “Transgender Day of Visibility.”
These images were included in the Facebook post.

In a March 2024 newsletter, the School District of Philadelphia promoted the “International Trans Day of Visibility” for March 31. This newsletter has a list of events and dates for March, including recognizing Ramadan. However, the newsletter makes no reference to Easter.

The district’s newsletter promotes the “International Trans Day of Visibility.”
The district newsletter mentions Ramadan but makes no reference to Easter.