Uncommon Schools encourages staff to stop using words like “mother,” “father,” “boy” and “girl”


According to several staff members at Uncommon Schools, a charter network in Boston, teachers were required to take a class on “inclusive terms” that are “gender-neutral” to avoid “erasing women and nonbinary people.” Below is one of the hand-outs provided during the class.

According to the hand-out, the word ‘mankind’ “confirms the subconscious bias that men are intellectually, morally, and physically superior to women.”

They encourage teachers not to use the words “mother” and “father”. Or “son” and “daughter.” Or “boy” and “girl.” Or “niece” and “nephew.”

The source for the handout given to staff was an article in Teen Vogue.

The school also weighed in after the election in 2020—below is the email that went to all staff:

The school network’s multi-year DEI plan is below: