Transgender activist provides training for staff at Thompson School District


Several community members reached out to Parents Defending Education regarding a transgender activist called Silen Wellington providing professional development training to staff at the Thompson School District. PDE submitted a public records request to the district and received information back regarding the situation. The school district explained to PDE:

Silen Wellington was a presenter at the district’s virtual K-12 counselor meeting on September 14, 2021. He was a volunteer presenter representing the Alliance for Suicide Prevention.

PDE was told that the district “is not in possession of any materials.” However, the school district did provide the agenda for the presentation. The agenda stated: “This training includes information about different identities, the importance of language, and how to be a better ally. If you’re curious about LGBTQ+ topics, have some questions that you’ve always wanted to ask, or wish to learn what all the letters mean, this training is for you.” The following topics were then listed as being covered:

  • Why language matters & some statistics about LGBTQ+ youth suicidality
  • Ways to be inclusive of non-heterosexual orientations
  • Gender dysphoria as a diagnosis
  • Sex assigned at birth vs gender identity vs. gender expression
  • Defining words such as: dysphoria, dead name, transitioning, intersex, asexual, aromantic, Two-Spirit, queer, nonbinary
  • Do’s & Don’ts with language around trans identity
  • The importance of pronouns & explanation of they/them + neopronouns
  • Local resources & other follow-up resources for further learning
Thompson School District responded to PDE’s public records request.

Silen Wellington is a known political activist for transgender issues. Wellington’s website states: “Silen Wellington is a sculptor of sound, artist of people, genderqueer shapeshifter, storyteller, mercurial name collector, and lover, among other things.” Silen Wellington’s SoundCloud account has the pronouns “they/them/theirs” listed. On February 10, 2023, The Epoch Times reported that Wellington openly participates in witchcraft and rituals involving blood. The news outlet reported:

An investigation by The Epoch Times into Wellington’s background reveals that LGBT issues are just one of many interests. Others include Tarot Card reading, rituals involving the use of blood, polyamorous relationships, the casting of “spells,” and even teaching “witchcraft” and “magical activism,” public social-media posts and her own website reveal. She regularly describes herself online as a “witch.”

The organization Alliance for Suicide Prevention claims to “prevent suicide in Larimer County through training and education, providing outreach, and offering support” but places significant attention on “LGBTQ+ Youth Outreach.” The organization states that its work includes “engaging schools to support GSAs.” Training classes “include ABCs of LGBTQ+ and How to Be a Trusted Adult.”

Alliance for Suicide Prevention of Larimer County claims that its goal is to end suicide.
However, the organization focuses on “LGBTQ+ Youth Outreach.”