Thomas Fitzwater Elementary School’s November calendar promotes Thanksgiving as a “day of mourning;” Transgender Day of Remembrance and Transgender Awareness Week on calendar too


On October 31, 2022, the Thomas Fitzwater Elementary School in Pennsylvania posted an inclusion, diversity, and equity calendar of holidays and events for November on Twitter. The elementary school in the document explains that “Transgender Awareness Week is celebrated from November 13th-19th.” On November 20, the school will celebrate “Transgender Day of Remembrance, memorializing those killed due to anti-transgender prejudice.”

For November 24, the school states: “Thanksgiving, commemorating the Pilgrims’ harvest feast, and sometimes marked as a day of mourning to recognize the decimation of the Native Americans by the colonists.”

Thomas Fitzwater Elementary School promoted a diversity, inclusion, and equity calendar on Twitter.

The school’s district – Upper Dublin School District – has also promoted the November calendar. Superintendent Steve Yanni posted the calendar on Twitter. The superintendent additionally has his preferred pronouns “He/Him” on his Twitter bio.

Upper Dublin School District’s superintendent also shared the calendar on Twitter.
The district’s superintendent shares his preferred pronouns “He/Him” in his Twitter bio.

Thomas Fitzwater Elementary School’s website also shared a message from the superintendent promoting the November calendar.

The elementary school’s website also shared a message from the superintendent promoting the calendar.