Tangipahoa Parish School System has policy posted online to keep the gender identity of students secret from parents


The Tangipahoa Parish School System has a policy posted online titled “Gender Identity.” The policy within the school district’s database is dated April 10, 2019. The policy explains that the gender identity of students may be kept secret from parents. The policy states that “in general, the School Board shall only consider accommodations requested or discussed with the student’s parents/guardians.” The policy then explains conditions in which parents may not be told:

However, the School Board may provide accommodations to a student without the consent of the parents/guardians if the student is eighteen (18) years or older, is not dependent upon his or her parents/guardians or is determined by the School Board, after consulting the School Board’s attorney, to have a legal entitlement to accommodations.

The policy also mandates for the usage of a student’s preferred pronouns and name: “Upon request, School Board personnel shall address a transgender student using the student’s preferred name, if different than the legal name, and shall refer to the student using the pronouns the student prefers.” The policy further explains that students can participate in physical education and health classes in a manner that “conforms with the student’s gender identity.” Students are also “allowed to dress in a manner that conforms to the student’s gender identity.”

Students “may be disciplined” and employees “may be disciplined or terminated” if they are perceived to be bullying or harassing transgender students. The policy then discusses transgender training that teachers will have:

Regular training on the prevention of illegal discrimination and harassment shall include information on the School Board’s obligations to accommodate transgender students. Staff members who are informed of the identity of a specific transgender student shall receive additional training and direction as necessary.

The policy then appears to explain that some students will also have training regarding transgender issues:

Students who are taught about illegal discrimination and harassment as part of an approved course curriculum may also be provided information about legal obligations to accommodate transgender persons. In addition, the School Board may provide age-appropriate information to students regarding transgender persons when considered necessary or appropriate, particularly when a transgender student is enrolled in the class or grade level.