Simsbury Public Schools has policy to keep parents in the dark regarding their children’s gender identity


Simsbury Public Schools has a policy in place for students titled “Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Youth” that is dated April 26, 2016. The policy explicitly states that parents can be kept in the dark regarding the gender identity of their children. The policy explains:

School personnel should not disclose information that may reveal a student’s transgender status or gender nonconforming presentation to others, including parents and other school personnel, unless legally required to do so or unless the student has authorized such disclosure. Transgender and gender nonconforming students have the right to discuss and express their gender identity and expression openly and to decide when, with whom, and how much to share private information.

The policy continues to explain:

When contacting the parent or guardian of a transgender or gender nonconforming student, school personnel should use the student’s legal name and the pronoun corresponding to the student’s gender assigned at birth unless the student, parent, or guardian has specified otherwise.

Teachers and staff are also mandated to use the preferred pronouns and names of students. The policy explains: “The intentional or persistent refusal to respect a student’s gender identity (for example, intentionally referring to the student by a name or pronoun that does not correspond to the student’s gender identity) is a violation of this policy.”

Students can also use the restrooms and locker rooms and participate in sports according to their preferred gender identity. Both teachers and students additionally must participate in transgender training: “The Board of Education directs the Superintendent to provide for the training of District staff in transgender sensitivity, in what it means to treat all people respectfully and equally. Developmentally age-appropriate training shall also be provided for students.”