Shelby County Public Schools seventh grade English teacher has students write about LGBTQ issues and racial politics


A concerned community member reached out to Parents Defending Education about a seventh grade English teacher at Marnel C. Moorman School giving assignments to students promoting LGBTQ issues and racial politics. PDE was told that the English teacher provided students with multiple topics to write about in the class, including the topics related to LGBTQ and racial issues.

The concerned community member explained to PDE that students picked a subject and then explained “why it was right or wrong.” Students also made videos about the topics they chose. The teacher then appeared to post the assignments that students wrote for others to see in the hallway. Students also appeared to draw images that correlated with their assignments. The concerned community member told PDE that the only assignments the teacher “hung up are the ones dealing with race and/or sexuality.” The following images of assignments were shared with PDE: