Seattle Public Schools utilize K-5 gender lessons that teach kindergartners about transitioning and pronouns


Since 2017, Seattle Public Schools have utilized and offered a series of videos and lessons for K-5 students teaching them about Gender Identity and LGBTQ ideology. For kindergartners they advise students and parents to view a video about the book “Introducing Teddy”:

Read by Brennon Ham, who goes by she/they pronouns, the book discusses a teddy bear who decides that they are not a male teddy anymore and wants to be a female teddy bear:

The lesson plan and video also include definitions of gender and gender identity and asks the kindergartners to understand gender roles:

First graders are advised to read “Princess Boy” and the associated lesson plan states not to use gender-specific language and to read students more books on non-traditional gender norms:

The remaining lessons for the other grades can be found on the main Seattle Public Schools page.