Seattle Public Schools invites staff and parents to participate in pride parade; claims to have been involved in Seattle’s pride parade for more than 30 years


On March 30, 2023, Seattle Public Schools announced that it would participate in Seattle’s pride parade on June 25. The school district invited teachers, families, and students to the event: “Students, staff, and families are invited to join Seattle Public Schools in the June 25 PRIDE Parade. Those participating in the procession will meet prior to the parade’s start time to decorate posters and start staging on 4th Avenue.” The school district added that it “has participated in Seattle’s Pride Parade for more than 30 years.” The following quote is then provided from the school district’s “health manager”:

In the beginning, it was almost exclusively staff who marched in the parade. Now we have students, staff, families, and school board directors who participate!

Seattle Public Schools invites staff and students to pride parade.