Seattle charter school Rainer Valley Leadership Academy health center offers students access to ‘gender-affirming care’ and ‘reproductive health’ services.


The Freedom Clinic, a “school-based health center located within Rainer Valley Leadership Academy,” lists “gender-affirming care” and “reproductive health” as part of the services it offers to students at the school. The clinic is operated by The Tubman Center for Health & Freedom, which states that it works to “eliminate systems of oppression that perpetuate illness by engaging in grassroots campaigns and policy efforts that promote liberation.”

The Tubman Center does not clarify what is included in “gender-affirming care” and “reproductive health, but the state of Washington defines “reproductive health” as “all services, care or products…relating to the the human reproductive system” including “contraception” and “termination of a pregnancy, including self-managed termination.” It defines “gender-affirming treatment” or care as “health services or products that support and affirm an individual’s gender identity, including social, psychological, behavioral, and medical or surgical interventions.” Listed services include “evaluation and treatments for gender dysphoria, gender-affirming hormone therapy, and gender-affirming surgical procedures.

Rainer Valley Leadership Academy bills itself as a “anti-racist school.” It states that it will “continuously address racism with urgency and action by decolonizing and dismantling systems of oppression to empower our community.” According to its website, the school is a “public, tuition-free, anti-racist collaborative community school serving 6th-12th grade in South Seattle.”