San Ramon Valley Unified School District expands GSA clubs to elementary schools, refuses to share materials with parents, hides students’ new gender identities from parents


In the San Ramon Valley Unified School District, elementary schools have begun to introduce Gender and Sexuality Clubs (GSA). Going by the name “Prism Clubs”, these clubs are being introduced to “improve school climate, individual well-being and educational outcomes for LGBTQ youth.”

One mom of an elementary schooler tells us, “despite numerous requests the district refuses to share with me the materials that are being distributed at these clubs.”

On the District LQBTQ+ page, they include info on internal name change processes and gender support plans for students in the district. These name changes and gender support plans are often put in place without the parents’ knowledge.

The Gender Support Plan utilized by the district is kept secret from parents as well as the info and materials being distributed within the clubs.

In an Equity Board Meeting given on November 16th, 2021 the district outlines plans to work on implicit bias training, strengthen support for LGBTQ+ initiatives, and further restorative justice practices: