RSU71 in Maine approves a new gender equity policy; Superintendent won’t say if parents will be notified about changes in their children’s pronouns or gender identity


On November 28th, Regional School Unit 71 (RSU 71)in Belfast, Maine approved a series of new policies for the district including the implementation of their new gender equity plan. A few board members were concerned about the language in regard to parent notification which they deemed vague and not actually required to enforce. The policy reads as follows:

Board members questioned whether this meant schools would have to tell parents about their child’s gender identity or if it simply meant that they would notify the student before talking to parents. Superintendent McLean responded by saying the policy would give schools latitude in figuring out the best option when it came to transgender students:

A board member in favor of the policy then said “That’s the beauty of this policy… It doesn’t mandate us outing kids. It says our administration is trained and understands how to handle these situations.”

For further information on the policy and board deliberations: