Round Rock Independent School District provided training that told teachers to keep the gender identity of students a secret from their parents


On August 11, 2023, parental rights activist Michelle Evans shared documents on X that she received from a public records request submitted to the Round Rock Independent School District. One document she shared was part of a presentation that was staff training for the district. The presentation explicitly shows that staff were trained to keep the gender identity of children a secret from parents.

The presentation asks: “What do I do if a student comes out to me as transgender or non-binary?” The response for staff is then provided: “Should I call you by this name and pronouns in front of your parents?” If fellow students do not use the preferred pronouns and names of transgender students, teachers are told to remind these students of their “social contract.” The presentation then adds:

DO NOT contact their parents and out them to their families.

Another slide from the presentation explains that the preferred pronouns of students should be used and to not correct students on correct grammar usage. Michelle Evans also said the presentation linked to a video titled “Advice for Teachers of LGBT Students.” The video encourages teachers to use the preferred pronouns of students and advocates to end gender-based activities in classrooms. One teacher calls encouraging students to embrace LGBTQ identities in middle school a “gift” in the video.

These were the slides that Michelle Evans provided on X.