Ross Valley School District Teaches Students Using “Equity Book Bundle” Including “This Book Is Not Racist”


The RVSD Parent/Guardian Task Force met on December 14, 2020, to discuss equity implementation in the Ross Valley School District (RVSD) curriculum. The Equity Task Force, as described on the district’s website, “is a partnership between RVSD staff and parent representatives from our five schools. Facilitated by Epoch Education equity trainers, the group meets monthly to engage in conversation about racial equity in RVSD.”

The RVSD Equity Work Timeline includes:

District Equity Mtg#1: Critical Race Theory

Book Passage: Mirrors & Windows- Culturally Responsive Books

District Equity Team Mtg#3: Culturally Responsive Teaching

One teacher reported being required to teach students using “This Book Is Not Racist” by Tiffany Jewel.

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