Pine-Richland School District says they are not “focused” on Critical Race Theory; their DEI work tells a different story


The Pine-Richland School District claims that they are not, in fact, promoting Critical Race Theory when they promote values of diversity, equity, and inclusion but their diversity, equity and inclusion work is steeped in its tenets. The denials appear on the slide below, part of a presentation given during a Joint Governance Meeting by the DEI Leadership Council.

Back in June, the DEI Leadership Council made a presentation:

In January, The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee had a meeting that included analysis of an equity audit—details from that are below:

The educational equity policy is below and includes definitions of terms that related to DEI:$file/Joint%20Governance%20Meeting%2010-04-2021.pdf$file/Policy%20832_%20Educational%20Equity%20DRAFT.pdf