Palm Beach County School District Website Recommends Antiracist Teaching Methods, Social Justice Books for Children, and Encourages Students to Support the Black Lives Matter Protests


The School District of Palm Beach County’s Website includes a main menu titled “Understanding Race and Fighting Racism – Helpful Resources for Parents and Students”. The page titled “Social Justice Articles” includes a link to the page, “Teaching Social Justice in Theory and Practice” which states that, “Teachers must also be aware of the messages sent by the learning materials they use. To determine if texts are privileging certain narratives, teachers need to analyze whether they recount an event — the Civil War, for example — from multiple points of view or favor the dominant culture.”

Another link brings the parent or student to a list of recommended reading materials that include categories like “Activism and Organizing,” “Gender Identity,” “White Identity” and “Black Lives Matter At School”.

Navigating from that same main menu, a parent or student is brought to a Brain Pop article/video that includes teaching lessons and plans for the classroom. The site encourages students to watch the video with an adult, or that the adult watches the video before presenting it to students. The site then tells the parents, teachers, or students to “Press “play” to learn how uniting in protest can help end injustice in our democracy.”