New York City Department of Education asks the pronouns of young students for STEM programs


The New York City Department of Education is offering “STEM Matters NYC” programs for students as young as kindergarten through high school. The STEM programs will run from April 18 through April 22 in 2022. Parents can sign their children up for the programs on the “STEM Matters NYC” application page. However, the application asks for questionable details about students.

The application asks whether students are male or female but then makes a statement about gender identity: “Please choose what the student more closely aligns with. Later, you can share their pronouns.” On the third page of the application form, parents are asked to choose their child’s “preferred pronouns.” The options are “They/Them,” “She/Her,” and “He/Him.”

The start of the application form tells parents they can choose the pronouns of their children for the STEM programs.
The application form asks the preferred pronouns of young students.