Mother and son file lawsuit against Democracy Prep in Las Vegas


Gabrielle Clark and her son, William Clark (a senior at Democracy Prep-Agassi campus) allege in their federal lawsuit that that the school violated William’s first amendment rights they “repeatedly compelling his speech involving intimate matters of race, gender, sexuality and religion” during a required civics class. The class is called ‘Sociology of Change’ and is mandatory for seniors.

“William Clark was compelled to participate in public professions of his racial, religious, sexual, and gender identities, and would be labeled as an “oppressor” on these bases,” reads the court filing.

William Clark is “generally regarded as [W]hite by his peers,” according to the complaint, and has “green eyes and blondish hair.”

“Defendants, who include a state funded and sponsored charter school, teachers and senior administrators, have deliberately created a hostile educational environment for Plaintiff William Clark, who, unlike his classmates appears to be and is regarded by his peers as white. Defendants thus discriminated on the basis of race and color, in addition to sex, gender and religion, in violation of Title VI and Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972,” the complaint reads.

According to the lawsuit, the critical race curriculum was launched without parental notification.

The teacher, Ms. Bass, shared her list of identities with her students. She lists being a woman, an agnostic and a working class teacher as “oppressive” statuses.

According to the Nevada Current,

The plaintiffs are asking for the court to enjoin the school from denying William a high school diploma and accommodate him with “an alternative non-discriminatory, non-confessional class.”

They also want the court to declare that requiring students to reveal racial, sexual, gender and religious identities in a public-school classroom and in graded assignments is unconstitutional.


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