Minneapolis Public Schools plans to hold “Gender Resource Fair” that will include a “Drag Story Hour” at local elementary school


Minneapolis Public Schools will be holding a “Gender Resource Fair” at Loring Elementary School on April 13, 2023. The teacher’s union Minneapolis Federation of Teachers 59 promoted the event on Twitter stating: “Very cool event happening next month for families and their gender-creative kids at Loring Elementary!” The flyer states that the event at the elementary school will include a “Drag Story Hour (for kids).”

The flyer states: “We’re hosting a gathering for families and their gender creative young ones! Join us for community resources, entertainment, food, games and more!” The speaker for the event is listed as “Dr. Angela Kade Goepferd” who is a “Medical Director of Children’s Minnesota Gender Health Program.” The website for the Children’s Minnesota Gender Health program states:

The Gender Health program provides compassionate and comprehensive care for transgender and gender-diverse youth. We’re dedicated to serving as an essential medical partner and resource for transgender youth and families along their journey.

The flyer for the event at Loring Elementary School states that there will be a “Drag Story Hour.”
A teacher’s union is promoting the event.
The Children’s Minnesota Gender Health program promotes children transitioning to another gender.

Children’s Minnesota describes Angela Kade Goepferd as the “Chief Education Officer” and the “Medical Director of Children’s Minnesota Gender Health Program and a pediatrician in the Children’s Minneapolis Primary Care clinic.” Children’s Minnesota continues to explain: “She is seen as a leader in the LGBT community, is driving equitable care for LGBT youth, particularly transgender and gender diverse youth and she is a sought-after speaker and trainer on these topics.”

Angela Kade Goepferd is a speaker at the event.

Minneapolis Public Schools has the event posted on the district’s homepage. Saint Paul Public Schools also has the event posted on its website. Saint Paul Public Schools states: “Please spread the word about the Minneapolis Public Schools Gender Resource Fair on April 13th at Loring Elementary School!” This district also promotes that the event will have “many local resources centering transgender and non-binary children.”

Minneapolis Public Schools shared the event on the district’s homepage.
Saint Paul Public Schools also promoted the event.