Minneapolis Public Schools has policy to keep gender identity of students hidden from parents


Minneapolis Public Schools has a policy in place titled “Preferred Name” that appears to state that the gender identity of students can be hidden from parents. The policy explains that students as young as sixth grade can choose their preferred pronouns and names without parental knowledge:

Any student in grades 6-12 may submit a request for the use of a preferred name and pronoun that varies from their given name or presumed pronoun in personal address and classroom and school internal communications so long as the preferred name and pronoun reference the gender identity that the student consistently uses at school or work. The request of a student which is not joined by the student’s parent or guardian is confidential information about the student.

The policy also mandates that staff use the preferred pronouns of students: “Upon notice that a student or the parent of a student has submitted a request for preferred name and pronoun, district personnel shall use the preferred name and pronoun in common address and informal communications with the student.” Teachers who disagree with using the preferred pronouns of students will be disciplined:

Persistent refusal to use the preferred name and pronoun of a student who has made, or whose parents have made, a request to change the name or pronoun of the student under this regulation shall be a violation of the equal opportunity in education policy of the district. Such violations shall result in progressive discipline of the offending employee according to district procedures, and the terms of any collective bargaining agreement or contract to which the offender is a party.