Midland Public Schools and Insight Education Group Inc. Partnered to Conduct “Equity Audit”


In January 2022, Midland Public Schools in Midland, Michigan and education consultant Insight Education Group published a “Comprehensive Equity Audit” for Midland Public Schools.

According to the audit, Midland Public Schools have been formally working on equity initiatives since the 2018-2019 school year.

The audit suggests that educators ought to focus on “fixing the system”.

In July 2020, prior to publishing the audit, Midland Public Schools released a Superintendent Communiqué asking, “all members of our school community to identify racial injustices and bring those forth for action. I will support students, families, staff and administrators in identifying and challenging issues related to race and reporting incidences of racism and injustice. Your voice matters and is powerful!” This statement and more Midland Public Schools DEI information may be found on the district’s DEI Site.

In January 2021 Michigan State Board of Education, who governs Michigan’s Department of Education, adopted a “Resolution to Eradicate Racism and to Create More Equitable and Inclusive Schools for Black Children/All Children,” which includes statements such as,

“WHEREAS, the Michigan State Board of Education and the Michigan Department of Education stand firmly against all acts of individual and systemic racism;”

“WHEREAS, we wish to end violence and injustices and unequivocally declare that black lives matter and that an injustice to one is an injustice to all;” and

“WHEREAS, we believe that schools are a vital part of a much larger world and need to play their very substantial role in eradicating racism;.”

According to Ballotopedia, “Michigan is holding an election for two of eight seats on the Michigan State Board of Education on November 8, 2022.”

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