Maine school district hides students’ gender transition from parents; assigns sleeping quarters on overnight field trips based on gender identity


Kennebec Intra-District Schools Regional School Unit 2 in Maine has a transgender policy that requires staff to withhold knowledge of a student’s gender transition from parents, including teachers not “outing” a student’s sexual orientation or gender identity to parents, and allows students to use facilities and engage in school activities based on their gender identity, including overnight trips.

The “Students who are transgender and gender expansive” policy states that, per student wishes, the school can refuse to disclose to parents the gender identity of the student. This includes school functions that do not take place at the school such as “field trips, sports events, prom, etc.”

The district policy also states that the principal and/or school counselor will “work through family issues with the student with the goal of acceptance by all.” The document continues by stating that the top consideration is the “health and safety of the student.”

The district expects that “every effort will be made” to use the student’s affirmed name and pronouns. Those who intentionally and persistently refuse to respect a student’s gender identity are in “violation of district policy.”

Additionally, students “shall have access to restrooms and locker rooms that correspond to their gender identity asserted at school.”

Regarding overnight trips, the school is required to treat students “consistent with their gender identity asserted at school.”