Los Angeles Unified School District will teach students to support disrupting the “Western nuclear family” and transgender issues during Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action despite the organization’s defense of Hamas


On December 27, 2023, City Journal reported that the Los Angeles Unified School District will be hosting a “Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action” on February 5 through February 9, 2024. City Journal also provided a document from the school district showing the district’s plan for the week. The district plans to teach students about racial equity issues such as “restorative justice” to “transgender affirming” topics during the week.

On the Monday of that week, the school district will teach elementary students about the 13 guiding principles of Black Lives Matter. Teachers are told to tell elementary students regarding transgender issues:

Everybody has the right to express their gender by listening to their own heart and mind. Everyone gets to understand for themselves what gender they are – if they are a girl or a boy or both or neither or something else, and no one else gets to choose for them.

The document for the 13 guiding principles promotes “globalism,” “transgender affirming,” and “queer affirming” beliefs. For queer affirming, the goal is to work “towards a queer-affirming network where heteronormative thinking no longer exists.” Another belief that is promoted is labeled as “black villages.” The document states that the goal of black villages “is the disruption of Western nuclear family dynamics.” Students are also provided with “13 Principles Coloring Sheets.”

Topics for Tuesday’s lesson will be “diversity and globalism.” The topics for Wednesday will be “queer affirming, transgender affirming, and collective value” and will include a “dance party.” Thursday will be “intergenerational, black families, and black villages” and will include “march and rally.” Friday will be “unapologetically black and black women” and will feature a solidarity pledge.” The pledge has students state:

I pledge to be an “upstander” to racism and injustice. I will speak up when needed and step back so others can speak up, too. I will use kind language, educate myself about people different than me, own it when I make a mistake and be open to learning. I stand in solidarity with my fellow students.

Black Lives Matter at School recently appeared to show support for the terrorist group Hamas. On October 17, 2023, Black Lives Matter at School published a statement accusing Israel of “settler colonialism, land dispossession, occupation, blockade, apartheid, and attempted genocide of millions of Palestinians.” The organization said the curricula taught to students “must include Palestinian existence, resistance, culture, global contributions, and the ongoing struggle to realize a free Palestine.” This was only days after Hamas attacked Israel.

Black Lives Matter at School appeared to publish a statement in support of Hamas.