Los Angeles Unified School District has agreement with Planned Parenthood to have “reproductive health clinics” at schools; includes providing students pharmaceuticals for “reproductive health”


Parents Defending Education submitted a public records request to the Los Angeles Unified School District seeking the district’s contract with Planned Parenthood. PDE received a contract dated June 19, 2019, between the district and Planned Parenthood Los Angeles that will run through June 19, 2024. The contract includes Planned Parenthood providing the district with “comprehensive reproductive health services.” The agreement is to provide “School-based reproductive health clinics” at Roosevelt High School, Hollywood High School, West Adams Preparatory High School, Esteban Torres High School, South Gate High School, South East High School, and Bell High School.

The services that Planned Parenthood will provide to students include “physical examinations relevant to the reproductive health system,” “prescription and/or dispensing of pharmaceuticals related to reproductive health, including contraceptives and antibiotics,” “insertion of long acting reversible contraceptives,” and “laboratory services related to reproductive health.”

The list of services provided in the school based health centers does not mention “abortion.” Planned Parenthood’s website openly promotes that “minors can access reproductive health care, obtain birth control, and receive abortion services without parental notification or parental consent” as long as they are just 12 years old in California. The organization is explicit in stating that it does provide abortion services to minors. The website for Planned Parenthood Los Angeles specifically promotes abortion on its homepage stating that “Planned Parenthood Los Angeles health centers offer both procedural abortion and medication abortion” but that does not appear to be a service provided if the health center is school-based.

Planned Parenthood specifically states it provides abortion services to minors without parental consent.
Planned Parenthood Los Angeles’ primary focus is providing abortion services.