Lewisville Independent School District counselors tell students that they will keep secrets from parents


On December 4, 2023, counselors at Flower Mound High School within the Lewisville Independent School District sent an email to parents of sophomores for important information for future classes. The counselors stated in the email: “Today in advisory, your sophomore had the opportunity to watch a video presentation which walked them through the Sophomore Guidance lesson.” The email included links to the video and slideshow used during this meeting.

The fifth slide of the slideshow appears to state that the counselors will keep secrets from parents: “What you say in our office stays in our office. There are a few exceptions to this rule.” These exceptions were potential for self-harm or the potential for someone else to be harmed. The presentation also links to Flower Mound High School’s clubs, which include the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA).

The counselors sent this email to sophomore parents.

The video accompanying the email featured a counselor also discussing the issue of keeping secrets. This counselor states: “What you say in our office stays in our office.” [Time Stamp: 2:15] The counselor then specifically states that counselors will not “call parents.” She emphasizes this point several times. The video can be accessed publicly on the school district’s counseling website.

The video and slideshow can be accessed online.