Lessons on how to use Condoms are part of middle school health curriculum in the Austin Independent School District


Documents from the school district website highlight that the health curriculum being used by Austin ISD for six through eighth grade includes a lesson activity titled “Correct Condom Usage.” The middle school students are asked to put the steps to using a condom in the correct order.

The eighth-grade lesson “Strategies To Reduce Risks” contains the aforementioned activity on correct condom use, discussions on abstinence, and “Effectiveness of Family Planning Methods” scavenger hunt.

The district’s seventh grade lesson plan titled “Preventing Pregnancy” presents to students a variety of ways to avoid getting pregnant. These methods include abstinence, using sponges, the pill, patches and rings, a shot, IUD’s and implants.

The lesson plan also features a graphic titled “The Right Way To Use A Male Condom,” which demonstrates the process for using a condom.