Lake Ridge Elementary School music teacher is on paid administrative leave for alleged inappropriate sexual behavior in front of students; reportedly has students pledge allegiance to pride flag


On June 14, 2023, the Idaho Freedom Foundation reported that “parents of elementary students in a rural Idaho school district have been complaining about an Idaho teacher who sexualizes musical instruction.” Parents with children at Lake Ridge Elementary School had reportedly claimed “the inappropriate behavior occurred for years before the Nampa School District started an investigation into the teacher.” The organization explained that the teacher is “still on paid leave even six months after a recent firestorm of well-documented allegations and ‘years of reports ignored by past principles.'”

The Idaho Freedom Foundation claimed to receive public records from the Nampa School District showing that it “received many complaints about” the teacher. The teacher reportedly “would touch himself sexually in front of students, force students to perform bizarre rituals, and pledge allegiance to the gay pride flag.” At one point, the teacher was reportedly directed to keep his classroom door open.

The school district received emails in January 2023 from parents that the music teacher had students “do weird things like hold hands with him,” that he “dances differently with his body,” and that he “rubs himself inappropriately.” The teacher also reportedly discussed “two boys kissing” to the students. In another case, the teacher reportedly “asked students to pledge allegiance to a rainbow flag on a bulletin board in place of the American flag.” The report then added:

On January 19, the board of trustees voted to put [the teacher] on paid administrative leave while the school administrators conducted an investigation and brought recommendations to the board. On January 23, the school administration decided to allow [the teacher] to return to the school, violating the board’s decision. After receiving objections from parents and board members, the school administration reversed its decision and continued with an investigation of [the teacher].

The teacher “is still on a paid leave of absence but remains employed as a music teacher at Lake Ridge Elementary School.”

The teacher is reportedly on paid administrative leave.