La Center School District has policy that allows staff to keep gender identity of students secret from parents


The La Center School District has a policy in place titled “Gender-Inclusive Schools” that was most recently revised on January 24, 2023. The policy has several procedures explaining how the policy will be enacted. The procedures of the policy repeatedly emphasize that parents should be involved with their children transitioning to another gender. However, the policy’s procedures then explain that parents can possibly be left in the dark regarding their children’s gender identity:

Any transgender or gender-expansive student upon the student’s enrollment in the district or at any other time, is encouraged to request a meeting with the principal or building administrator, or an appropriate designated school employee, in reference to a student’s change of gender expression or identity. Before a school employee contacts a student’s parents/guardians, the school would attempt to consult with the student about the student’s preferences regarding family involvement and consider whether safety concerns are present for the student.

The policy later adds: “The governing consideration in communicating with parents/guardians concerning a student who asks to be called by a different name or pronoun, indicating a change in gender identity, is the student’s safety.” The policy also states that “when a student requests being called by a different name or pronoun indicating a change in gender we are to honor that request.” Staff are told to be honest with parents if asked about the usage of preferred pronouns and names.

Students are allowed to use the preferred restrooms and locker rooms of their choosing. Students will also be allowed to participate in overnight field trips “in accordance with the gender identity.” The policy additionally explains that staff will participate in training on the “terms and concepts related to gender identity, gender expression, and gender diversity in children and adolescents.”