Kodiak Island Borough School District Sex-Ed Curriculum At A Standstill Over Gender Ideology Inclusion


A committee focusing on developing a new sex-ed curriculum for the Kodiak Island Borough School District in Kodiak, Alaska has been put on hold as members of the community speak out against the proposed gender ideology lessons for students as young as grade 3. Some of the draft standards for the various grades are as follows:

Grades 3-5 Standards
Grades 6-8 Standards

In a local news report following the community backlash, with a petition against the inclusion of the new standards receiving 200 signatures, the Curriculum Coordinator for the District, Theresa Miller, stated that there is no information about gender identity in the elementary school curriculum and that there are currently no plans to include it in the future:

However, a member of the committee who spoke to PDE and sent a summary of the events of the meeting stated that Miller told the group that “they WOULD be teaching this material and that families would have the choice of “opting out” of specific lessons if requested.” The committee member’s full summary is as follows: