Kingsway Regional School District has policy to keep gender identity of students a secret from parents; will consult an attorney if parents disagree with preferred gender identity of children


The Kingsway Regional School District has a policy titled “Transgender and Nonconforming Students” that was most recently updated in November 2022. The policy states: “The school district shall accept a student’s asserted gender identity; parental consent is not required.” The policy then adds that “there is no affirmative duty for any school district staff member to notify a student’s parent of the student’s gender identity or expression.” If parents disagree with a student’s preferred gender identity, the school district will consult an attorney and school staff will ignore the preference of parents:

In the event a parent objects to the minor student’s name change request, the Superintendent or designee should consult the Board Attorney regarding the minor student’s civil rights and protections under the NJLAD. School staff members should continue to refer to the student in accordance with the student’s chosen name and pronoun at school and may consider providing resource information regarding family counseling and support services outside of the school district.

The policy later adds: “The Principal or designee should have an open, but confidential discussion with the student to ascertain the student’s preference on matters such as chosen name, chosen pronoun to use, and parental communications.” School staff are also mandated to use the preferred pronouns of students: “A transgender student shall be addressed at school by the name and pronoun chosen by the student, regardless of whether a legal name change or change in official school records has occurred.”

Students are also allowed to participate in sports and use restrooms and locker rooms that match their preferred gender identity.