Jeffco Public Schools partners with LGBTQ group to host “Inter-Gay-lactic Prom”


Jeffco Public schools recently partnered with the organization Youth Celebrate Diversity to host an “Inter-Gay-lactic Pride Prom” that is specifically “for all LGBTQ+ high school students and allies in Jefferson County, Colorado.” Youth Celebrate Diversity’s website specifically states that the prom is “presented by Youth Celebrate Diversity in partnership with Jeffco Public Schools.” The prom took place on May 4, 2024. Early tickets were $10, and at least 185 people signed up for the event.

The organization states that the prom “is possible thanks to a grant from the It Gets Better Project.” The “It Gets Better Project” has an annual program to provide $10,000 grants to schools throughout the United States and Canada to implement LGBTQ initiatives. Schools and local organizations must apply for these grants to receive them.

Youth Celebrate Diversity is an organization that specifically focuses on youth with LGBTQ issues. The organization provides youth with resources and guidance to advocate for GSA clubs, implement LGBTQ issues into curricula, and use preferred pronouns.

Jeffco Public Schools is working with Youth Celebrate Diversity to host a gay prom.