James Logan High School teacher gives reading assignment to students that tells story of young girls watching grown man masturbate; principal and superintendent take swift action


On October 18, 2022, Libs of TikTok reported that a James Logan High School teacher in California was “placed on leave, pending an investigation, for posting an assignment which included an essay that graphically described 9-year-old girls watching a grown man masturbate until completion.” Libs of TikTok explained that this was a tenth grade assignment and provided a copy. The following “grammatically incorrect” text was provided from the assignment:

Our nine-year-old eyes followed hairy hippie butt cracked mildew shower stall. Lather from watered down No More Tears trickled down to body parts we were much too young to pronounce. He loved to wash “down there,” you know, it and he’d yank up his droopy it thing to soap up pink, furry private flesh.

Libs of TikTok then pointed out further text from the assignment:

He kept yanking and pulling, pulling and yanking, and slowly, like Tia Annie’s Boston terrier, it stood up, stood out, stood red, different from any other body part we’d ever seen in our lives…suddenly, like the volcano in the film we saw in Mr. Larkey’s geography class, he exploded…Thick twinkie cream ringlets spurted here, there, everywhere.

Libs of TikTok shared a copy of the assignment.

The assignment then asked questions for students to answer. These questions included:

  • What is going on in this short story? What is Michele describing? Use lines from the text to support your response.
  • What are two important vocabulary words or words you are unfamiliar with from this poem? Please find and put the definition with the word below.
  • Michele and her friends have expressed their set weekly routine; what is the importance of routines in your everyday lives? Explain.
The assignment included questions for students.

The high school’s principal reportedly notified parents of the situation with a message that stated:

Late last week, the District became aware of an assignment posted by a teacher at James Logan High School which was completely inappropriate for K-12 students. The assignment was immediately withdrawn and the instructor responsible for the assignment was placed on leave pending a comprehensive investigation. At the conclusion of the investigation, the District will take all necessary steps to ensure that this does not happen again.

The principal notified parents of what happened.

Libs of TikTok received an additional statement from New Haven Unified School District’s Superintendent John Thompson expressing his outrage.

[The teacher] has been employed at the high school for approximately 9 years. As Superintendent, I was just as outraged as our parents when I learned about the particular reading selection he chose to assign to 10th grade students in our District. The District began an immediate investigation, it is ongoing, and the District will provide as much information as it can as soon as it can.

Libs of TikTok received a statement from the superintendent.

KTVU FOX 2 further reported that the reading material was from the book Chicana Falsa. The news outlet reported the following comment made by the superintendent: “This book was teacher-selected supplemental material and was not approved for use in classrooms in the New Haven Unified School District through our curriculum approval process.”