Huntsville City Schools teacher gives middle school students survey asking if they are transgender; principal admits it had not been vetted and “wasn’t consistent with district’s standards”


On September 29, 2022, the media group 1819 News reported that a “teacher gave out a questionnaire that asked students about their gender identity, body modification and their parents’ political views” at Challenger Middle School within Huntsville City Schools. The teacher reportedly gave “a 48-question survey with her student’s homework assignments” with “questions asking if the student identified as cisgender, transgender or nonbinary.” A parent reported the incident to 1819 News. The news outlet continued to report:

According to the parent, they could not locate the survey on the school’s online Schoology platform after administrators took it down. Further, [the teacher] told parents the questionnaire was a third-party survey given out by the school counselor.

The parent reportedly asked the school counselor for a link to the survey but was “told that it no longer existed.” In a statement to parents, the school’s principal explained: “Unfortunately, the survey was not vetted or approved by our school leadership or the District’s leadership.” He continued to explain:

The content of the survey was not consistent with the District’s standards for middle school students. Additionally, at the end of the survey, some students received optional demographic questions that were not appropriate for school use. I have asked that your teacher remove this survey.

The principal explained the situation to parents.